Our Uniqueness

An amazing trip full of discoveries in the Meuse

The hotel restaurant le Village Gaulois Logis de France 2 stars is ideally located at 12 km from Verdun.

The golf course was designed by Jeanne Marie Hergott. In the middle of a wooded leisure park, there is a very interesting 18-hole miniature golf course. It takes 2 hours of fun for a course with 4 players.

A Verdun doctor was walking on the golf course and was quite surprised at the sight of a Ginkgo, the only one he knows in Meuse. A sacred tree from China, the Japanese call it the tree of life, because it is the only tree that survived the Hiroshima bomb...

I, Jeanne Marie, am an imaginative and creative person, chose the Ginkgo because here we call her the tree of a thousand écus. Among the obstacles of the golf course, a huge cauldron, in which the ball must fall, then the thousand écus.

For those coming to the restaurant, a private parking on the garden side, for buses, motorcycles, and motorhomes are available.

Restaurant Lorraine