Our Restaurant

Restaurant in the heart of the MEUSE valley for nature lovers

Our restaurant is perfect for sweet lovers, fine gourmets and those looking for a unique culinary adventure.

The hotel restaurant Village Gaulois has a Logis de France 2 stars. Located at only 10 minutes from Verdun, we invite you to discover our gastronomic and traditional cuisine, with an original menu to delight your palate. In the region of Mirabelle de Lorraine, escape with in a warm atmosphere, a rustic and exceptional setting, which alone, deserves a visit. A typical restaurant: a hut covered with lauze (raw slate).

A large stone fireplace gathered from the fields on the banks of the Meuse. The solid oak tables and chairs shaped by this solid bearded man with the palms of sculptor Hergott Lucien, Creator of this masterpiece.

Le Village Gaulois is a restaurant to discover, be it for a birthday with friends or simply with family and friends or for your professional meetings.

Pets allowed, access for people with disabilities.

Menu 28 euros

Roasted hot Goat’s Cheese with Almons, Leeks


Casserole of Grilled P‘s Ear and Cheek of Beef

* * *

Fillet of Pork with Roquefort Sauce


Conserve of Duck witht Mirabelle Plums

* * *


Trio of sorbet or sabayon or sugar crepe

Service Included

Warm Starters

Casserole of Grilled Pig’s Ear and Cheek of Beef

13.00 euros

Roasted hot Goat’s Cheese with Almonds,Leeks

12.00 euros

Braised Snails with Roquefort Cheese

18.00 euros

Foie gras Slice with apples

22.00 euros

Country Salad ( Boiled Eggs, Diced Bacon, Potatoes)

10.50 euros


Roast Fillet of Pike-Perch with Red Butter Sauce

23.00 euros

Scallops with Crayfish

23.00 euros


Platée de cochon de lait façon Jeanne

21.00 euros

Confit de canard aux mirabelles

19.00 euros

Pavé de bœuf à la sauce Mignonnette

24.00 euros

Mignon de porc au roquefort

19.00 euros

Calf’s Tongue with Snails

16.50 euros



8.00 euros

Our Pancakes


With Whipped Cream


5.00 euros

6.00 euros


5.50 euros

6.50 euros


6.50 euros

7.50 euros

Grand Marnier

7.50 euros

8.50 euros


7.50 euros

8.50 euros

Home - Made

Hot chocolate fondant

8.50 euros

Seasonal fruit pie

6.50 euros


7.50 euros

Creme brulee

7.50 euros

Our Ices

Lemon Sorbet

5.50 euros

Colonel ( Lemon Sorbet and Vodka )

7.50 euros

Gallic Sundae ( Vanilla Ice Cream, Coulis,Whipped Cream )

7.50 euros

Ice Cream with Warm Plums

8.50 euros

Plum Ice Cream

7.50 euros

Artic Roll, chef’speciality ( for 2 or more people) per person

9.50 euros

Trio of sorbet

7.50 euros


8.50 euros